Highs & Lows...

I´m looking back @ 2018 with all of my personal highs & lows...


I´ve managed a bit more to hold back tears, when I think or talk about Lillie, my lovely cat that passed away in 2017. It´s not that time heals wounds, but surely helps to handle emotions. 

I call myself - Vegan! & this after several years, (7!) of being a Veggie. I really, finally eat only clean & green. YaaaY!!!

My Sis' & I visited a concert of Miss Kylie Minogue! Yes!!! & that the both of us had the chance to see her together, was kinda like a childhood dream come true for us. It was so overwhelming that it bought tears to our eyes. I´m sooo thankful for this memory!


My mother´s health is more serious than I thought...

I had not sooo many Me-Time Moments.

I´ve only visited 4!? concerts... Me! How. This. Happened?

Now, tell me Yours!