Kylie - Golden

Kylie's 14TH! album. It's here and her songs, Dance-Pop mixed with a lot of Country are literally Golden! When she began her career, back in 1986, and the year I was born, my Sis' always played Miss Minogue, so that I had the pleasure to sing along as a little one to I Should Be So Lucky & The Loco-Motion. Oh, how I love(d) these tunes...

Her new record really is Minoguemazing!
I'm listening to it all day long - that's why I have to keep on singing and needless to say, Dancing!

My Fave's: A Lifetime To Repair, Radio On, Stop Me From Falling
+ You MUST love: Love


  1. You have a great taste in music. Kylie is amazing! Maybe you'd like to follow us on Instagram.


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