Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This

Backstreet`s Back! Alright? They were never really away & off the music business, but all 5 Backstreet Boys (Brian, Nick, Howie, A.J. + Kevin) are back together like in the good old days. They just want to show us, that they still got it goin on, right?  I remember when they promised us that they´ll never break our hearts, loved us more than that, but I can swear they will always be my one desire & without them I would feel slightly incomplete. Seriously! I´m a fan & on fire for them from day one & that means since 1996. They are my heroes of my head & my heart!
The new record is called In A World Like This & is mature - from the sounds & stories in their songs, like ...

Madeleine has a helpful & hopeful message for bullied girls & boys, Feels Like Home is a fantastic feel good song for the real fans all around the world, Trust Me is a true love letter to the one - with a very cool vibe!
I guess that some of you love those groups & some of you don´t & if you like "No. Thanks" - Please, take a listen! They´re the Backstreet Boys! I mean haven´t you heard? They own a shining star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. They´re legendary! I bet you don´t want to miss out their 8TH studio album! Listen!? ... I gotta go! ;D
My Fave´sMake Believe, Soldier, Breathe 
+ You MUST love:  Permanent Stain