Jane Eyre

Two weeks ago & I´m still talking & thinking about the movie Jane Eyre, which is still fascinating me with every romantic, dramatic dark & poetic scene that I´ve seen. This latest adoption about the love story between Eyre & Rochester with moments full of distance, coolness, but still so ardent & fuller desire is the best one, I have ever heard, read, seen & talked about - besides the original version by authoress "Currer Bell" Charlotte Brontë. If you think it´s just a costume drama, then you´re so so wrong...

It´s about love - love that´s pure, love we cannot displace, no matter how much time has passed, no matter whom path or which person we have chosen to forget - there´s this one love we will always remember.

We're so blinded by all types of variations, human beings that surround us, things we are said or shown by others, that we´re frequently lose sight of the essential component. We should follow our little voices in our head - with no ifs or buts.

Awww, I la la la loooove this movie with all my heart! Well, as you can see, I could talk about the story for hours & I could watch this movie over & over again, but now... It´s your turn! Learn! Love! Live!

P.S. At the end, it´s not what we see, it´s what we feel deep concealed inside of our hearts that counts the most.