My name is Eileen E. Darling
       based in Hamburg, Germany
       born in 1989

I´m a curvy, chaotic and creative kinda person who has an ...

...adoration for Mother Earth, Nature, Animals, that´s why I´m living a vegan life since 2018 (before I was a vegeterian for about 7 years) and I also do little daily things like sorting the waste, turning off the lights etc. at least to try to make our planet a better place
...addiction for Music (my seasonal all-time friend) & Movies, that´s why I love to be at concerts singing, screaming, swaying, sweating and/or in the cinema to sit back and watch sensational scenes and damn good dialoges

Me, Myself and I also likes to  bake + eat Cupcakes, drink Tea, read Books, play Board & Video Games, take Pictures, sleep long, go for a walk and loves Disney.

Besides, I do have a normal daily job to pay the bills, but my heart proudly beats for words and paper and when real life doesn´t afford you no chances to combine your passion, I share it with you - right here. A pen and a paper whether writing or crafting or a combination of both and I´m happy.